About The Champions Volunteer Foundation

July 18, 2022

The Champions Volunteer Foundation is a one-of-a-kind organization, comprised of a unique group of people who have come together to donate their time to raise funds for charitable causes in the desert community. A certified non-profit associated with the BNP Paribas Open, the largest sporting event in the Coachella Valley, the organization embodies how sports has the unique ability to bring people together and be a powerful philanthropic force for good.

The organization’s specific and primary purpose is to raise funds for the local community through other non-profits that support but are not limited to youth, recreational, educational and well-care programs. Since its founding in 2002, The Champions Volunteer Foundation has donated a total of more than $2 million to nearly 50 different local non-profits per year through a grant application process.

Since the organization’s inception, The Champions Volunteer Foundation has steadily increased the number of grants awarded to keep up with the growing demand from the local community for financial assistance. The Foundation focuses on non-profits throughout the Coachella Valley who support the most vulnerable among us – including youth, elderly and marginalized. As the organization has grown and its local impact become more recognizable, The Foundation has expanded upon its mission to give back to those who need it most and support organizations that might otherwise be turned away.

During its most recent completed grant application period in 2019, funds raised by The Champions Volunteer Foundation contributed to numerous non-profits throughout the Coachella Valley that directly impact members of the local community. Organizations such as The Desert Cancer Foundation, ABC Recovery Center, The Coachella Valley Rescue Mission, Armed Services YMCA, and numerous others benefitted from The Champions Volunteer Foundation grants, which totaled an incredible nearly $250,000 in giving.

Due to its affiliation with the BNP Paribas Open, the organization also provides unique volunteer opportunities for a variety of local sporting events. Each March, The Champions Volunteer Foundation recruits more than 1,200 volunteers to support the BNP Paribas Open – one of the largest tennis events in the world. The organization also offers the ability to volunteer at the USA Pickleball National Championships, Indian Wells Arts Festival, Adidas Easter Bowl and more.

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